Excellence in saftey, performance, and reliability

At Hankook Tire, we are rewriting the standards for tires by introducing high performance products and creative services. Experience the quality and service offered by Hankook Tire, which races across the streets of 180 countries.


Hankook has instituted a tyre labelling system to provide valuable information to customers.

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Test Result

World renowned automobile magazines are recognising the quality and technology of our products.

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Quality Guarantee

Hankook is aware that the foundation of customer trust and the growth of our company lies in the quality of our products.

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Tires Guide

Understanding the basics of tyres ensures a more efficient and safer driving experience.

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Care Guide

Hankook’s care guide explains tyre care from A to Z.

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Safety & Driving Tips

At Hankook we want to enable drivers to have complete power over any road condition.

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