Radial RA14 (RA14)

A premium tire for passenger cars

A ribbed block tire targeted at european passenger cars, it has improved grip performance on wet roads as well as increased handling for heavy passenger cars.

Extreme ultra-high performance tire

The Ventus R-s3 offers excellent lap times exceeding the competition, with high-grip steering felt throughout the entire body. The best machine-controlled performance. Your presence on the circuit will shine as never before.

Dynapro MT (RT03)

Off-road driving excitement

The Dynapro MT boasts superb multi-directional traction, excellent grip, acceleration and anti-puncture capability. Even under harsh off-road conditions expect the best possible driving performance with excellent handling and stability on any road type.

Dynapro HT (RH12)

Combining all-season functionality with performance for highway driving

A sport truck and SUV tire that provides a smooth, powerful ride, the Dynapro HT provides greater mileage through specialized treadwear. Excellent snow traction makes driving possible on winter roads while low-rolling resistance offers excellent fuel economy.

All-season LT/SUV tire for OE fitments

Ventus AS is designed to provide the ride comfort, low noise and all-season traction that exists in these original equipment tires.

Dynapro AT-m (RF10)

For aggressive all-terrain driving

The best on/off-road tire for 4×4 vehicles, the Dynapro AT-m employs a tough pattern design and block structure to overcome any road.

Dynapro HP2 (RA33)

High-performance tire for luxury SUV’s

A high-performance tire for premium SUV’s. The Dynapro HP2 meets all the conditions required for premium SUV’s including excellent wet performance, low noise, rolling resistance and excellent mileage.

Vantra LT (RA18)

Improved durability and internal anti abrasion qualities

A summer radial tire for commercial vans and transport vehicles, the Vantra LT provides excellent durability, increased mileage as well as excellent wet performance and a balanced footprint. Even under heavy loads, stability is maintained, increasing driver safety.

Optimo K415 (K415)

A smooth summer tire that guarantees comfortable rides under any driving conditions

A summer tire for small and medium-sized vehicles, the Optimo K415 allows you to drive wet roads in greater comfort and safety with specially designed patterns and HSG technology applied.

Smart Plus (H429)

Premium-level practical tire for reasonable consumer

This is the premium-level practical tire that is equipped with the optimized capability for topography and climate as well as economic value for reasonable consumers with the technology.